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We work with you to insure that your bathroom cabinetry will be
​ both beautiful and functional.

Here are just some   of the things we help you  to consider : 

​What will the bathroom cabinet be used for?
Washing Faces and teeth for sure but what else?  Do you use your hair dryer?   Is it where you put on your make up.  Take your medicine. etc.
​What items you will be putting inside the bathroom vanity? 
Do you store toilet paper, cleaning supplies, paper towels. heating pads, make up?
What type of materials should be used when getting a custom vanity? 
Here I will make a statement.  Never use particle board.  (WE DON'T EVER)  Bathrooms are humid and particle board will not hold up 
What type of Glides?
How Tall?
Can you put a hamper in the vanity?
What is the best size custom cabinet for your bathroom? 

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